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PRP Treatment

What is PRP?
PRP is a non-surgical option for patients who want to stimulate hair and tissue growth. The procedure is removing a sample of your own blood and injecting it into the problem area. PRP contains platelet cells which stimulate stem cell growth and regeneration.

PRP for Hair Loss
At Madison Family Care and Wellness Center, we understand how upsetting it can be when you realize you are losing hair. Restore your lost hair with our platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP.

PRP for Join Pain
We at Madison Family Care and Wellness understand that joint pain can make a huge impact in your life. We want to help you relieve that pain. Joint pain in your knees can be treated with injections of platelet-rich plasma. This safe procedure can reduce pain and improve the overall functions of your joints. All it takes is a small sample of your own blood taken out and injected back into the affected, painful area. This will stimulate healing in that area and restore tissues.

Growth Factors Stimulated by PRP
Growth factors stimulated by PRP therapy include: - Collagen Growth - Epidermal Growth - Fibroblast Growth - Keratinocyte Growth - Transforming Growth For more information about PRP for hair loss, call our office today (256) 722-0555.

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