Thyroid Therapy Treatment

Madison Family Care and Wellness Center provides thyroid screening and therapy treatments to optimize the thyroid gland. Thyroid treatments can help increase energy, metabolism and focus.

We generally screen for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis on hypothyroid patients to determine if treatment other than hormones is necessary to balance the thyroid. We believe in optimizing the thyroid gland to increase energy, metabolism, and improve focus.
Madison Family Care and Wellness Center prefers utilizing combination T4/T3 thyroid medicine to treat underactive thyroid glands. There are several thyroid medicines available: Armour Thyroid, Nature Thyroid, and compounded thyroid hormone. Nature-Thyroid is a hypoallergenic medication used to treat hypothyroidism naturally. Nature-Thyroid is natural and gluten-free.

Hashimoto's disease is chronic thyroiditis, a condition in which your thyroid is attacked by your immune system. The result is inflammation, underactive thyroid glands, and low hormone levels. It most commonly affects middle-aged women. Thyroid hormone replacement is mainly used to treat Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Treatment most often comes from an oral supplement. This will compensate for the lack of hormones being produced by the thyroid.

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